Fra det mørke nord, nærmere betegnet Uppsala i Sverige, kommer her et mørk og ildevarslende Doom- metal band. Det bliver mørkt og ondt- glæd dig !!

From the dark north, more specifically Uppsala in Sweden, comes a dark and ominous Doom metal band. It gets dark and evil – rejoice !!

Siugnah, the God of Fox, stood before the Chaos Judge.
Time had stopped for it was the time of Death.
She had smelled the weak reptiles scent as he crossed the universe.
Slowly she spoke to The Chaos Judge.
He did not listen. His hunt was to end.
Before the end of the hunt the Snake of Obscura had to be dealt with.
Both Siugnah and the Chaos Judge new it.
Siugnah, a being of chaos, and the Chaos Judge, a cosmic enforcer, stod in front of a deciever.
A fraud and a coward. By consuming the reptile blood they would gather the knowledge of the creation.
In the ritual they thought as one and bonded. A strong fusion to become stronger individuals.
As the reptile was emptied the mass energy flowed through them.
As they regained conscienceness their eyes met.
Hatred exploded and half the galaxy was destroyed.
Only Death held them company as they submerged into battle.
Death waited for his turn.